About Houses Helping Humans
Houses Helping Humans (HHH) is a Sober Living Residential Program that supports recovering addicts on the road to their recovery. HHH partners with Serenity Health for an intensive program that includes weekly services to address co-occurring disorders. Services include Substance-Abuse Counseling, Mental-Health Therapy, Medication-Management, Basic-Skills Training, Psycho-social Rehabilitation, Neurofeedback/Biofeedback, EMDR, Parts and Memory, and Case Management.

The objective of HHH is to provide stability and support to individuals, and allow them to work towards their recovery and self-sufficiency. We believe that environmental stressors significantly impede on an individual's sobriety; and do our best to alleviate those stressors so each individual can focus on fulfilling their emotional and mental needs that led to their addictive patterns.

In order to be accepted into the program, you must pass a pre-screening process including a mental health evaluation. You must agree to a 30 day Black Out Period, Randomized drug tests, and compliance with rules and curfews. If affiliated with any drug court, parole and probation, or DCFS; you must agree to sign a release of information.

We value our partnerships with Crossroads, Desert Parkway, Everyday Living, Hope For Prisoners and No to Abuse; and can assist with referring to detox if substance use was within 24 hours.

Our Partnerships

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